This class will help you to add or use search bar for geocoding with a MapLibre GL JS map.

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  • Close the result list.

    Returns void

  • Clear created DOM elements and listeners. This could be usefull when you recreate a JawgPlace object for the same input.

    Returns void

  • The default position of the control in the map.

    Returns "top-left"

  • Returns string

    The value of the <input>.

  • Parameters

    • value: string

      The new value for the <input>.

    Returns void

  • Open the result list with the error message. This will trigger JawgPlacesOptions.onError.


    • error: any

      The error to show, can be a string or an object.

    Returns void

  • Open the result list with elements from the FeatureCollection. We use the properties.label field of each features. This will trigger JawgPlacesOptions.onFeatures.


    Returns void

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